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Something's brewing in Oakwitch Gardens, Queen Witch Hazel's home, where witches and warlocks have gathered at the annual Halloween Happening.   All must bring a rare ingredient for Witch Hazel's traditional Halloween brew.    How rare?  So rare that the environment will never be the same.  

When Katrina, The Little Witch of Wichita, arrives without her assigned ingredient, Eastwitch and Westwitch, the Keepers of the Cauldron, trick her into venturing into the Enchanted Forest in order to gather her ingredient along with their forgotten ingredients.     

Promises of a new computerized digital broom with internet access, along with a desire for respect from her peers, tempt Katrina into the woods in search of a cup of mice, mashed bark from the Peek-a-Boo Tree, and a crooked cane from the Very Old Man.  Witch Hazel's bratty son, Butch, trails Katrina with the intent on stealing the ingredients and claiming the broom for himself. 

On her journey, Katrina encounters Armando (an endangered Majorcan Mambo Mouse), the Peek-a-Boo Tree and the Very Old Man.  She returns to the Halloween Happening with a new understanding and respect for endangered species, the environment and herself, as well as new, environmentally friendly ingredients for the brew.  

It's a tense, dramatic moment when Witch Hazel tastes the new brew and finally decides to proclaim Katrina "The Keeper of the Cauldron"  in appreciation for her new recipe and the lessons she's learned and shared.

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